Meet ACE Robyns Finalist - Michaela Mulvey

24 June 2022
- Ace News
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Last week we revealed an impressive list of finalists for the ACE Robyns Awards 2022. One of those was Michaela Mulvey who is digital marketing manager at BM Caterers (previously Bartlett Mitchell) where she is responsible for supporting the development and growth of the BM brand. A major part of her role is to help drive recruitment by increasing awareness and engagement on their social media channels through the use of video content. Ahead of the awards night, we chatted to her more to learn about her role and achievements.

What do you love most about working in contract catering?

The work-life balance in contract catering is probably the best in the sector; you are able to work in hospitality without having to give up your evenings and weekends.

And there are so many different directions in which you can progress, so if you are an ambitious foodie, I’d highly recommend contract catering.

How did it feel to learn someone had nominated you for the ACE Robyns award?
It was one of those surreal situations where I was at a loss for words. I sometimes think that I’m doing a good job but unless you’re told, you don’t really know. This was the moment I knew I was making a difference.

What does being a finalist mean to you?
To be nominated was such an honour in itself. To be a finalist is truly unbelievable. It means that the hours I’ve worked and continue to put in are making a difference.

How has work life been for you during the pandemic?
I was midway through a 10-month design course when we first went into lockdown. Navigating online learning was interesting! But I completed the course and feel so much better for it.

Our work shifted from continuous projects to finding new ways of generating income and getting exposure.

What has been your biggest success in your role?
My biggest success in my role to date has probably been BM’s TikTok account. Like a lot of things, social media needs time and consistency to work. I have been trying to grow awareness of and engagement with the BM brand through the use of video content across our socials. On TikTok we have gained almost 20,000 followers, millions of views and 117,000 likes since I started the account in March this year.

What are your ambitions for your future in the hospitality industry?
My aspirations are focussed on continuous learning; I always want to be a student! I also want to be in positions where I can share knowledge and help others grow and succeed.

Longer term, my ambition is to further support ethical foodie businesses and help tell their stories to a wider audience.

Why are the ACE Robyns so important?
The ACE Robyns are super important because they give young people in hospitality positions who maybe don’t ordinarily get noticed the chance to be recognised. Being nominated gives you a little extra push in the work you’re doing and reminds you why you’re doing it.

You can join us at the ACE Summer Party to find out who this year’s winner is and to celebrate and network with industry peers.

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