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19 September 2019
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The inaugural Ready Steady Cook 1999

Straight from the archives, this article was originally produced by Bruce McLauchlan for the Company Magazine at High Table in 1999 following the team's success at the very first Ready Steady Cook. In those days, ACE was known as ECA, the European Catering Association.



For those that have not heard yet.....

On Thursday the 25th March 1999, the London (Founder) Branch of the European Catering Association (ECA) held a â€œfriendly” cooking competition, between four Contract Caterers. It was a fiercely fought, four way, Ready-Steady-Cook style contest between High Table, Catering & Allied, Capitol, and Leith's.

Originally conceived as a demonstration of Induction Hobs, the theme was developed to add the cooking slant (and make it more interesting!).

The evening was – yet another — victory for the High Table team of Robert Kirby and Danny Leung (and Robert’s lucky implement).

The contestants were faced with a bag of Vine Tomatoes (with Vine); this combined with a tray of equally uninspiring supplementary ingredients: flour, cream, herbs, lemon, etc..

The teams then had 20 minutes preparation time, followed by 20 minutes cooking time (2 teams at a time).

In what proved to be the final, Robert and Danny took on the Catering & Allied Ladies team; both teams creating very different dishes. Capitol and Leith's followed them; also with two very different approaches (not a stir-fry in sight!).

The judges were from The Induced Energy Company, and booked through Catering & Allied - so no cries of "foul" to be heard.

Best "banter" of the night - Definitely Robert, ask him about the "I bet you've said that to a few girls" comment.

The bright yellow of the Capitol Chef's Jackets was the only thing that upstaged Robert!

Another highlight of the evening was the election of Judith Cannon to the post of Vice Chair, of the London Branch Committee. Bruce McLauchlan is also a member of the committee.

If you are interested in finding out more about the ECA, would like to join, or have suggestions for future events, speak to either Judith, or Bruce.”

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Bruce McLauchlan
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