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12 September 2018
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The Genuine Dining Co.

With just a week to go until one of our most popular events of the year, we’ve been chatting to Alex Pollard, executive chef at Penyard House who will be competing for The Genuine Dining Co. Could Alex be part of the winning team? Book your tickets and join us on the night to find out.

How does it feel to represent your company in ACE Ready, Steady, Cook?

The Genuine Dining Co. has a lot of great chefs working for them so to be chosen to represent the company is a real privilege.

What’s the best way to prepare for a chef competition?

I have taken part in several competitions in recent years and I don’t tend to specifically prepare for the competition itself. The real preparation comes from working to produce high quality food week in, week out.

Tell us a little more about your role within the company and what that involves.

I’ve worked at a number of different venues within the company. My current role is as executive chef at Penyard House which is an 80-bedroom hotel in Herefordshire. The Kitchen at Penyard is always busy, catering to hotel guests at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as conferences and functions.

What do you think about the work ACE does to put the next generation into the spotlight?

I think that anyone working within the hospitality industry at the moment would agree that there is a shortage of qualified chefs in the marketplace. As an industry we need to be doing everything we can to bring on new talent in a sustainable way. All the great work that ACE does to showcase young and talented chefs is fantastic.

What would winning the competition mean to you?

Working as a chef comes hand in hand with long hours, often in uncomfortable environment. It’s not an easy job. But hearing positive feedback from customers who have just eaten and enjoyed your food is the praise which makes the effort worthwhile. I’m sure winning the competition would be an extension of that great feeling.

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Nicola Proud
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