Cookbook amnesty

01 June 2015
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Give unwanted cookbooks a new lease of life

"Our Chef Trainer Leon said when he was an apprentice 'owning your own cookbook was an incredibly hard task’ and so he used to buy them from local car boot sales. He would buy 4-5 cookbooks at a time, which cost a couple of pounds each and has continued to do this throughout his whole career. Leon saw the Cookbook amnesty as an excellent opportunity to help fuel his apprentice’s passion for food outside of the training kitchen and give all of those under loved and unused cookbooks a new lease of life!

Our Cookbook amnesty encourages people to donate their underused cookbooks along with a personal message to our chef apprentices, who are unable to afford their own.The aim - to help further support and inspire our apprentices into meaningful employment."

PS. Bring those cookbooks down to Brigade and you’ll get a 2 for 1 on mains voucher to use before the end of June.

Blog written by
Simon Boyle
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