Chris Sheppardson
Chess Partnership

Chris is the founder of Chess Partnership and Chess Executive, which is one of the Industry’s leading executive management recruitment concerns, with offices in London, Geneva, Edinburgh, Manchester and Nottingham. Chris was inspired to start his own business by a belief in the importance of individuals and in the principle of cultural fit within organizations.

“Most recruitment companies evolve around a database system, which is absolutely fine but in my eyes there is more to appreciate and understand. Recruitment is really about understanding culture, people and the market. Sounds simple but is really quite complex and ever changing, which makes it a fascinating business to lead.”

Chris is also the editor and publisher of En Passant Magazine, which is circulated on a bi-monthly basis to over 6,000 industry professionals.

“The Hospitality Industry is never ever dull. It is full of the self-made who have worked via to success through trials and tribulations, of great creative talents, of extrovert and charismatic characters who are passionate and committed to the Industry. So often, the Industry talks itself down and let it actually has so much to talk about. Over the years, I have heard many marvellous tales of courage, of dedication, of humility and of belief. It is an Industry that can inspire.”