ACE’s philosophy is to support a charity that is related to foodservice, and encourages those hoping to work in our industry. Every 2 years, we select a charity to support through fundraising at our events.

The charity from 2016 is The Wiggly Worm -

The Wiggly Worm is a charity that exists to improve health, well-being and self-esteem amongst the vulnerable, disadvantaged or seldom heard.


‘I’ve been involved with ACE in a couple of ways, firstly as a judge for Ready Steady Cook, and secondly as a charity. You’re such a friendly lot of people at ACE, and we’re very proud you chose Beyond Food Foundation as your charity.

It’s a really good way to raise our profile and openly celebrate what we’re doing. We have given 593 homeless people a taste of working in the catering industry over the last 3 years. Without the support of people like ACE, we wouldn’t be able to do this.’

Simon Boyle, Chef Founder, Brigade Restaurant and Beyond Food Foundation