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16 March 2022
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With only a few weeks until we say “eyes down” at the ACE Quiz, we have been catching up with
the famous ACE quizmaster, Kevin Colclough-Noble who has taken on this role for almost 20 years.

What is the hardest question you have ever asked?

The ACE Quiz always has such a huge variety of questions so I think everyone would probably
give a completely different answer to this. However, for me I would say it was “What is the largest Moon of Saturn called?” The answer was Titan.

Why do you particularly enjoy this event?

It’s been running for many years and teams come back time and time again to enjoy a great night. Personally, I love having the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends from many years back as well as being able to meet new people. Whether this will be your first ACE Quiz or you have done a few of them we can’t wait
to welcome you.  

Are there any ways people could prepare in advance for the quiz?

Not really as the range of topics is so vast but having a mix of people on your team with different interests is always helpful. Don’t worry too much though, as if you do not know the answers then you just don't know, and this event is simply about having fun with friends and colleagues.

Any top tips for winning this year’s quiz?

Anyone could win but do not cheat or I will disqualify you!

Are there any particular topics that tend to come up regularly?

Well, as we are a catering association, we do tend to have plenty of food and drink questions so this often gives teams an opportunity to get a few points in the bag.

What’s been the most interesting thing you’ve learnt whilst being the ACE Quiz Master?

The name of the Taittinger Vineyard in the UK is called Domaine Evremond. You always learn something every year and I can’t wait to top up my general knowledge again on the 5th April at Nomura.  

Booking is still open for the ACE Quiz so why not join us for a fun night for all members of your organisation. Put a team together and pit your wits against your competitors, colleagues, suppliers and friends. You don’t have to be an
ACE member to get involved.

Blog written by
Nicola Proud
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